How Much Health Can You Buy for $14,000?

Unparalleled reductions in cholesterol levels are now possible with a new class of cholesterol medicine, a PCSK9 antibody, as recently reported in one of the large national cardiology meetings. But this latest example of high tech cholesterol treatment comes with… Read More

What Did You Try to Do Slowly Today?

Chances are that you tried to do something faster today-probably several times. Walked faster. Drove faster. Ate faster. Less likely was a conscious effort to do anything slower. Ever wonder why not? The thought came to me during my weekly… Read More

Omega-3s on Land and Sea

Omega-3s sourced from the ocean are not the same as those  from land. The distinction between aquatic and terrestrial omega-3s has influenced human civilization over millennia, and continues to have significant implications for our health today. First, a bit of… Read More

Are Antinutrients Real?

Despite a name that invites skepticism, antinutrients really do exist. So what exactly are antinutrients and…do they matter? Antinutrients are compounds in food that chemically tie up key nutrients. The result is that fewer of the helpful nutrients are available… Read More

Mind Your Heart

Every once in a while, a new study reveals the science that underlies a great mystery. A new report on the connection between the stress, inflammation, and heart disease does exactly that. A recent paper published in the international journal,… Read More

The True Cost of Cheap Food

Americans have enjoyed a steady decline in out-of-pocket cost of food relative to income. But the true cost of modern food is far greater than the money exchanged at the cash register. Guest contributor: Joan Levin, J.D., M.P.H. The incidence… Read More

Statin Problems? Consider Low Vitamin D

The benefit of statins in high risk patients is unmistakable, but so is the potential for side-effects. In some studies, up to 20% of statin users report adverse reactions, most commonly muscle aches or weakness. There are many reasons for… Read More

You Don’t Have to Wear Your Genes

“If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen.” I’ve heard that more times than I can recall from patients with a family history of heart disease. But, as Gershwin wrote, it ain’t necessarily so-not by a long shot! A recent study… Read More

Mindfulness in Action: A Skeptic’s Story

“The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner” said Marsha, a one-time skeptic and naysayer about mindfulness practices. Her story is a prime example of how you can transform your life – in as little as… Read More

GMO Surprise

With questions remaining about the safety of GMO foods, many well known products are now non-GMO. And that’s a good thing. But there might be one small downside you should be aware of: the impact of non-GMO on vitamin content.… Read More
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