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Nutrition Science from Populations to Plates: What Every Clinician Needs to Know (With Hands-on Cooking and CME)

Sunday June 4, 2017


Chicago, Illinois


Jointly Sponsored by the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology and the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Join us for a 1 day CME conference at the Chopping Block-Merchandise Mart


This innovative one day event includes a review of evidence based nutrition essentials, counseling strategies, and hands-on cooking that will help you guide your patients-and yourself-to better health.


Course Director

Stephen Devries, MD

Executive Director, Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology

Associate Professor, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine


Survey Results From Prior Attendees

92% of clinicians reported adding more nutrition counseling to their practice

75% reported making healthier food choices for themselves


This program sold out early last year. Registration ends May 15, 2017



Harvard Nutrition Education Working Group

March 28, 2016


The Gaples Institute joins leading nutrition educators, scientists, and policy experts.


Dr. Weil’s Nutrition and Health Conference

May 1-3, 2017


Phoenix, Arizona


Register for this terrific conference that presents a wide range of cutting edge, topics in nutrition science that you need to know.


Dr. Devries will give a plenary talk on “Plant vs Animal Omega-3’s”.


More Information and Registration

Past Events


Gaples Institute Nutrition Science and Hands-On Cooking Conference

October 23, 2016

Doctors and nurses came together for a continuing education conference in Chicago presented by the Gaples Institute and led by Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Devries. Featured speakers included: Carol D’Anca (nutritionist/chef/author), Dr. Kim Williams (immediate past President, American College of Cardiology; and Dr. Michael Rakotz, Vice-President, Chronic Disease Prevention and Management, American Medical Association).

View the video highlights from this joyful day:





Gaples Institute at Harvard Medical School

Harvard Nutrition Education Summit

September 19, 2016


Boston, Massachusetts


Dr. Devries spoke at the Harvard Club to a group of medical school educators on the topic “Medical School is Only the Beginning: The Arc of Nutrition Education in Medical Training”

Dr. Stephen Devries and Prince Charles

Royal Society of Medicine

June 2016


Royal Society of Medicine Conference “Food: The Forgotten Medicine”

London, England


From Steve Devries, Gaples Institute Executive Director:

The Gaples Institute was invited to speak at this inaugural nutrition conference. Dr. Andrew Weil and I were the only representatives from the US. I was thrilled to meet Prince Charles, who has a keen interest in nutrition and integrative medicine.



Cardiometabolic Health Conference

October 5-7, 2016


Boston, Massachusetts


Dr. Devries presented a continuing medical education program “Nutritional Interventions in Clinical Practice: What Every Doctor Needs to Know”


Symposium of Integrative Medicine

Symposium of Integrative Medicine

July 11, 2016


Taos, New Mexico


Dr. Devries gave a plenary talk: “Update on Integrative Cardiology”



Patient Advocacy Symposium

June 2016


Chicago, Illinois


Dr. Devries spoke to a diverse gathering of advocacy professionals on the topic of “What Feeds Your Heart?”



Gaples Institute Integrative Medicine Conference

You As Medicine: A Community Event

May 25, 2016

National Louis-University

Skokie, Illinois


Sponsored by the Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology

Co-organized with Carol D’Anca, Integrative Nutritionist


Presentations Were Made By:

Nesita Kwan, Former NBC medical journalist and Gaples Institute Advisory Board Member

Stephen Devries, MD; Executive Director, Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology

Carol D’Anca MS, CNS, LDN; Integrative Nutritionist, Author, and Managing Director of “Food not Meds”

With a special Tai Chi break provided by instructor Gordon Lock


Based on Nesita’s Kwan presentation during this event, click below for her guide to beginning a meditation practice:

Meditation Tips from Nesita Kwan

Gaples Institute Illinois Chapter Wisconsin Chapter

Hot Topics in Contemporary Cardiovascular Practice

May 6, 2016


Oakbrook, Illinois


Dr. Devries spoke to the American College of Cardiology Annual Meeting of the Illinois and Wisconsin Chapters on “Interventional Cardiology Delivered with a Fork.” 

Nutrition and Health Conference Pic

Andrew Weil Nutrition and Health Conference

March 21-23, 2016


Denver, Colorado


Dr. Devries spoke about how perceptions of nutrition research findings are often colored by pre-existing beliefs.



Dr. Stephen Devries Dr. Walter Willett

Harvard University and the Culinary Institute of America

February 25-28, 2016

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives Conference

Napa Valley, California


Dr. Devries gave a presentation on “Dietary Fats and Health Revisited.”


At the conference, Dr. Devries interviewed Dr. Walter Willett, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and Gaples Institute Advisory Board Member.



Stephen Devries Gaples Institute Kim Williams

Rush Nursing Panel Discussion

February 16, 2016


Rush College of Nursing


Great time with American College of Cardiology President Dr. Kim Williams along with nutritionist and author Carol D’Anca on a nutrition panel.

Standing room only-a hopeful sign!

Gaples Institute Cardiology Cooks

Cardiology Cooks!

October 15, 2015


Chicago, Illinois

Chopping Block Cooking School

Merchandise Mart


This program was part of the ongoing effort of the Gaples Institute to promote nutrition education among physicians-in-training. This unique hand-on program, co-sponsored by the American Heart Association, Midwest Affiliate, was designed especially for physicians in cardiology training programs.


The program began with a presentation by Dr. Devries on Incorporating Nutrition Science into Cardiology Care. It continued with a “kitchen lab” segment in which all participants donned aprons and, under the direction of gourmet chefs, prepared a heart healthy dinner. The event concluded with an amazing dinner made by the docs!


From a Cardiology Trainee:


“I think the teaching points were spot on and very memorable –  it reminds us that it’s not difficult to counsel patients and this provided us with some great selling points.  Also emphasizes that despite all the other things we ask of patients, this is perhaps the most important.”



Our Goals: Nutrition education, better patient care, better self-care, and fun.


Mission Accomplished!

Gaples Institute at South Dakota Vascular

South Dakota Health Heart Vascular Symposium

October 28, 2015


Rapid City, South Dakota

Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

Rapid City, South Dakota


Dr. Devries delivered the opening conference presentation:

“Interventional Cardiology Delivered With a Fork”


Matter Chicago

Matter Chicago Health Technology Incubator

September 11, 2015


Chicago, Illinois

222 Merchandise Mart Plaza; Suite 1230



Dr. Devries spoke to a community of healthcare entrepreneurs and industry leaders on the topic of:

“The Science and Awe of Healthy Eating”


Devries University of Minnesota Wellbeing Lecture

University of Minnesota Wellbeing Lecture Series

April 14, 2015

University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality and Healing


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Dr. Devries spoke on the topic of:

“Well Being with an Open Heart”


Click for a Link to an Interview with Dr. Devries at the University of Minnesota 

Gaples Institute at Women Heart

WomenHeart Group

April 16, 2015

Lake Forest Hospital

Lake Forest, Illinois


Dr. Devries spoke to a group of women (and men!) dedicated to heart health education and mutual support on the topic of:

“Natural Approaches to Heart Health: Perspectives from a Preventive Cardiologist”.



Stephen Devries and David Eisenberg

Healthy Kitchens, Healthy Lives

February 5-8, 2015

Napa Valley, California


This conference is jointly sponsored by the Harvard School of Public Health, the Culinary Institute of American, and the Samueli Institute.


Dr. Devries presented a session on:


“Dietary Fats and Heart Health Revisited: Insights for Your Clinical Practice and Palate”


More information and registration:

Dr. Stephen Devries Dr. Andrew Weil Conference

2015 Nutrition and Health Conference with Dr. Weil

May 4-6, 2015


Phoenix, Arizona


Dr. Devries gave a plenary talk on “Fats and the Company they Keep: Implications for Heart Health.”


The conference also featured a taste-test of a culinary creation from Dr. Weil…indescribably good!

Dr. Devries Nutrition Dr. Andrew Weil

Dr. Devries at Head Start

Gaples Institute at Head Start

The Gaples Institute presented to a group of Hispanic mothers with children in the Head Start program in South Chicago.


May 2014

Discussed practical dietary changes to lower sugar load and improve family health, including:


-2 cans soda/day for 2 months leads to 5 pounds extra body fat (shown in picture)
-1 cup of white rice raises blood sugar more than a glazed donut

Spices Gaples Institute

Plant Based Nutrition for Life Group

Wednesday June 24, 2015

Highland Park, Illinois


Dr. Devries and nutritionist and gourmet chef Carol D’Anca paired up for a unique presentation: “Medicinal & Culinary Use of Spices” 

Dr. Roizen’s Preventive and Integrative Medicine Conference

Past Event: December 7-9, 2012

Las Vegas, Nevada


2 Lectures by Dr. Devries:


“Putting the ‘Heart’ Back in Cardiology: Focus on the Mind/Heart Connection”


“The Spiritual Dimension to Heart Healthy Nutrition: Insights from an Integrative Cardiologist”

Asian Pacific Society of Cardiology

Past Event: February 21-24, 2013
Pattaya, Thailand

Two Lectures on Integrative Cardiology


Asian Pacific Cardiology Conference

Talk to Google Employees by Dr. Devries

Past Event: March 19, 2013

“Human Engine Optimization: Natural Strategies for High Ranking Health”

See the Presentation

Dr. Stephen Devries

Nutrition and Health Conference with Dr. Weil

Past Event: May 13-15, 2013
Seattle, Washington

Plenary talk by Dr. Devries:


“Interventional Cardiology Delivered with a Fork”

Chicago TribU: A Healthy Heart

Past Event: June 13, 2013

Tribune Towers, Chicago, Illinois


Presentation on how nutrition can help you maintain strong heart health and prevent disease with Stephen Devries, M.D.


Tribune health reporter Julie Deardorff led a discussion with Dr. Devries about new advances highlighting the power of natural strategies for maintaining health and how they can be integrated with conventional medicine for optimal results.

The Heart of Wellness: An Evening of Insight and Discovery in Four Parts

Past Event: July 18, 2013

National-Louis University, Skokie, Illinois


*Stephen Devries: Natural Approaches to Heart Health


*Ramaa Krishnan: Heart Matters-Healing Through Emotional Awareness


*Carol D’Anca: Preparing Healthy, Delicious Plant Based Foods with Ease


*Mark Grumet: Integrative Approaches to Exercise and Physical Well-Being


Experiential Integrative Cardiology

International Congress for Clinicians in Complementary and Integrative Medicine

Past Event October 29, 2013

Chicago, Illinois


A panel including Dr. Stephen Devries, Dr. Adi Haramati (Georgetown University) and Dr. David Eisenberg (Harvard University and Samueli Institute) pictured to the right presented an experiential program including an update on the science of nutrition and mind/body connections, a guided meditation with audience biofeedback monitoring, and a food preparation demo.


“Experiential Integrative Approaches to Heart Health”


Register at:

The Power of Nutrition for Heart Health

Past Event September 11, 2013


Oak Park, Illinois


In this event hosted by the American Nutrition Association, Dr. Devries discussed new scientific advances that highlight the powerful role of nutrition for heart health. The program also featured nutritionist Carol D’Anca from the Academy of Nutrition and Plant Based Cooking who demonstrated healthy and delicious food preparation.

Interventional Cardiology Delivered With a Fork

Past Event September 13, 2013

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Rush Medical Center; Chicago Illinois; 7:00 AM


Gaples Institute and Dental Conference

Nutritional Links Between Dental and Heart Health

Past Event Chicago Dental Society

February 20, 2014


The Gaples Institute gave a talk on “The Path to Heart Health is Through Your Mouth” at a conference of 30,000 dental professionals.


McCormick Place; Chicago, Illinois


Pictured is Dr. Devries with Dr. Robert Manasse, program chair.

Dr. Weil and Dr. Devries

2014 Nutrition and Health Conference with Dr. Weil

May 5-7, 2014


Dallas, Texas


Plenary Talk by Dr. Devries: “Fats and Cardiovascular Health Revisited”


Workshop Session by Dr. Devries: “Practical Tips to Help Patients Make Healthy Changes”




Gaples at PCNA

Preventive Cardiology Nurses Association National Meeting

Past Events: April 10, 2014

Atlanta, Georgia


Dr. Devries discussed “Lifestyle vs Technology: Integrative Approaches to Preventing and Treating Heart Disease”

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Past Event: January 16, 2014


Oak Lawn, Illinois


Dr. Devries will give Grand Rounds on “Interventional Cardiology Delivered with a Fork” at Advocate Christ Medical Center at 9:00 am.

Garden path

Learn, Rebalance, and Taste

The Heart of Wellness

June 1, 2014


Glencoe, Illinois

Takiff Center; 999 Greenbay Road


12:30-4:30 PM


An afternoon program of experiential discovery:

Natural Prescriptions for Heart Health” with Dr. Stephen Devries, Executive Director, Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology


Plant Based Nutrition Cooking Demo and Tasting; Take Home Easy and Delicious Recipes” with Carol D’Anca MS, CNS, LDN


A Taste of Tai Chi and QiGong with Practice of a Few Simple Movements to Do at Home” with Gordon Lock, Tai Chi Instructor


Gaples Institute Milwaukee

Grand Rounds at Milwaukee Aurora Healthcare

May 22, 2014


St. Luke’s Medical Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Presentation: Integrative Approaches to Preventive Cardiology


“It was excellent…A number of our faculty and resident physicians have told me that they have made nutritional changes based on y our presentation as well as are recommending this to their patients.”–Attendee

Dr. Devries Integrative Medicine Conference

Integrative Medicine Conference

Symposium of Integrative Medicine in the Land of Enchantment

October 13-15, 2014


Albuquerque, New Mexico


Dr. Devries gave a plenary talk on “What Nourishes Your Heart” and was the moderator of an integrative medicine panel that included Drs. Andrew Weil, Victoria Maizes, and Adi Haramati and a moderator on a panel on doctors as patients with Drs. Prasad, Haramati and Sierpina.


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