Gratitude for Tubes Open and Shut

It’s the time of year to be thankful-but as a cardiologist, my sense of gratitude extends to a topic not often considered…hydraulics. To maintain health, our bodies depend on an intricate system of tubes: tubes for oxygen filled blood and… Read More

Don’t Eat Healthfully (By Yourself)

Most dietary advice focuses on eating the right foods, but it turns out that the people you eat with might have as much influence on your health as your food choices. Nowhere is the evidence for the importance of social… Read More

Hospital Food: Tray Unappealing

Hospital food. What comes to mind? Is it a mouthwatering, colorful plate of fresh, whole foods? More likely it’s a hospital tray with items shaded in a monotonous palette of white and yellow, punctuated by brightly colored sugary beverages and… Read More

Prediabetes: Are You Just a Little Too Sweet?

Prediabetes is all the rage. Nearly 40% of adults in the US  have “it”- sugar levels higher than normal, yet not high enough to be considered diabetic. But if so many people are affected, is it really a disease?  First,… Read More

Whole Foods: More Than The Sum of Their Parts

Both 2×4 boards and sawdust are made of wood, but you wouldn’t want your contractor to use them interchangeably. The same principle applies to food. Even healthy foods can lose some of their beneficial properties when ground or pulverized into… Read More

Ancient Wisdom of Food Pairings

Did you ever wonder how certain food combinations became popular? Nutrition science now affords us the insight to understand how certain food pairings produce synergies that yield surprising health benefits.  Turmeric and Black Pepper Turmeric, and it’s active ingredient curcumin,… Read More

Vegetables Get A Marketing Boost

How do you decide what to eat? No doubt that appearance and smell are important. But you might not realize that the words used to describe food might be even more persuasive than other sensory cues. The implications for our… Read More

Press Release: New Survey Finds Most Cardiologists Receive Minimal Nutrition Education

A new study notes serious deficiencies and substantial opportunities to improve cardiovascular care, save lives and reduce healthcare costs. The lead author is Dr. Stephen Devries, Executive Director of the nonprofit Gaples Institute. Like most Americans, even cardiologists fail to… Read More

Dying With Normal Lab Values

Good lab results can be dangerous. Now don’t get me wrong: “normal” is the preferred result for your blood work, x-ray, or stress test. The problem with “normal” is not the finding itself, but more the false sense of security… Read More

Don’t Fear the Fruit

Sugar is the new fat. The latest wave of books and documentaries paints sugar as the root of all dietary evil. And for sure there’s good reason to be concerned. Sugar laden drinks and snacks are prime contributors to our… Read More