Brush Your Heart

The path to heart health is through your mouth. And dental professionals are the first line of defense. That’s why I was grateful for the recent opportunity to speak at a conference of 30,000 dental professionals on the connection between… Read More

Fermented Foods: Put an Army of Healthy Bacteria to Work

Did you ever wonder why fermented foods are present in every culture across the globe? There’s magic in fermented foods, and we’re only now discovering the myriad health benefits. What is fermentation? Healthy bacteria are added to food and metabolize… Read More

Health is Fluid

The most critical function of our body is to preserve and distribute water. Our heart pumps it out and our kidneys purify and recycle it. Each cell in our body needs a sip. Water is our body’s most precious natural… Read More

Deep Purple Magic

There’s a remarkable food that deserves recognition for its’ distinctive health properties and regal appearance: the blueberry. The action is all in the royal hue. Purple and dark red are the signatures of a special class of natural antioxidants called… Read More

My Top 10 Health Musings

As we look to the new year, I would like to share my reflections on some unusual, paradoxical, and otherwise unlikely health facts that magnify my sense of awe and wonder:   Every Cell in the Body Has a Sex… Read More