Do You Really Know What Your Blood Pressure Is?

You just walked into the exam room for a physical. Your blood pressure is taken and, surprisingly, the reading is a bit high. What does it mean? Up to 30% of the time-not much. Although many people believe that blood… Read More

The Absurdity of Shared Medical Decision Making as a “New Concept”

Decisions regarding medical care are often not very straightforward due to  the uncertainties, risks, and limited options involved. But, beyond the actual choices to be considered, the process of how the choices are made has become a red-hot topic. And… Read More

Dying With Normal Lab Values

Good lab results can be dangerous. Now don’t get me wrong: “normal” is the preferred result for your blood work, x-ray, or stress test. The problem with “normal” is not the finding itself, but more the false sense of security… Read More