Implications of the New Cholesterol Guidelines

Can you imagine the challenges in putting together guidelines for cholesterol treatment? The new report has a lot to be commended, but  may also introduce some unintended, and potentially troubling, consequences. The Good: 1. Simpler than past guidelines. 2. Clearly… Read More

High Blood Pressure: Benefits of Optimizing Natural Approaches

What matters is not only how low you get it, but but how you get it low. That is the basis for the new blood pressure guidelines that call for raising the threshold in people 60 and older for treating… Read More

Bad News for Good Cholesterol

More confirmation that man-made logic can’t predict nature: The recent report that niacin failed to prevent vascular disasters when added to statins was yet another disappointment of drug induced attempts to boost HDL. There was good reason to expect that… Read More

CoQ10: Plucks Success from Heart Failure

CoQ10 (aka Coenzyme Q10) is a highly popular supplement, especially favored by those with heart conditions. Let’s dig into the undisputed facts, unfulfilled hopes, and some exciting new data surrounding CoQ10. The Undisputed Facts: CoQ10 is a chemical the body… Read More

Long Term Risks From Heartburn Medicine

When it comes to taking heartburn medicine, forever might be too long. Heartburn treatment often includes a powerful medicine to shut down stomach acid acid called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). By halting acid production, PPIs offer welcome pain relief and… Read More

Enthusiasm for Cholesterol Drugs 2.0: Should it be Curbed?

Everything about this new class of drugs is big-including the buzz. The price tag, also extraordinary, comes in at $14,000 per year. Early results are promising… but should be tempered by cautions old and new. Out of the Gate Two… Read More

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine means different things to different people. Always a mix of conventional medicine and “complementary” approaches. But depending on who you ask, the mix varies considerably, as do the modalities. So what really defines integrative medicine? In my view, … Read More

Statin Problems? Consider Low Vitamin D

The benefit of statins in high risk patients is unmistakable, but so is the potential for side-effects. In some studies, up to 20% of statin users report adverse reactions, most commonly muscle aches or weakness. There are many reasons for… Read More

How Much Health Can You Buy for $14,000?

Unparalleled reductions in cholesterol levels are now possible with a new class of cholesterol medicine, a PCSK9 antibody, as recently reported in one of the large national cardiology meetings. But this latest example of high tech cholesterol treatment comes with… Read More

Reflections from an Integrative Medicine Panel

I recently had the pleasure of moderating a panel on integrative medicine that included Drs. Andrew Weil, Victoria Maizes, and Adi Haramati. This panel was a “dream team” of integrative medicine, as it included the founder of the  integrative medicine… Read More