Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food

We are pleased to welcome a guest contributor, Karen Malkin: Food fuels us and keeps us vibrant. It can bring friends and family together and help us celebrate special occasions. However, an unhealthy relationship with food can consume our thoughts,… Read More

Change Your DNA with Diet? Yes!

A new study shows that a Mediterranean diet protects DNA linked to longevity. A special piece of DNA, called a telomere, forms a cap at the end of our chromosome that protects the genetic material inside. Longer telomeres offer more… Read More


–our inbred attraction to living things Have you every wondered why we so much enjoy being surrounded by nature? Close contact with nature is not only a pleasant experience, it’s good for our health! A number of lines of evidence… Read More

Are You Pursuing Your Life’s Purpose?

The answer to that question has major implications for your health and longevity. There is fascinating new research on the mind/body connection that has uncovered a clear link between purpose and meaning in life and our health. The degree to… Read More

The Doctor Won’t See You Now

Is a computer coming between you and your doctor? In clinic, I’ve been on both sides of the screen – and the view isn’t pretty from either perspective. For many patients, doctor visits can seem more like a transaction with… Read More

Powerful Medicine Delivered by Family and Friends

Family bonds and strong social connections are astonishingly strong determinants of both a long and happy life. The evidence lies in the quiet town of Roseto, Pennsylvania, a community of about 1600 people originally settled in the late 1800’s by… Read More

Mindfulness in Action: A Skeptic’s Story

“The only regret I have is that I didn’t do it sooner” said Marsha, a one-time skeptic and naysayer about mindfulness practices. Her story is a prime example of how you can transform your life – in as little as… Read More

Be Grateful for Easy Access to Delicious Health!

A Meditative Moment: instead of thinking of your next grocery shopping trip as a chore, focus on how lucky you are to be able to bring home such a spectacular variety of food much more conveniently than anytime in history!… Read More

Smile Therapy

Why do I feel so happy after Tai Chi class? It’s partly the Tai Chi. But I think it’s more about the smiles. Our instructor, Gordon, has an ear-to-ear, gold medal version. It’s an infusion of good energy. But more… Read More

Mind Your Heart

Every once in a while, a new study reveals the science that underlies a great mystery. A new report on the connection between the stress, inflammation, and heart disease does exactly that. A recent paper published in the international journal,… Read More