Educating Doctors About Nutrition

I am pleased that nutrition education among doctors has been the focus of two recent front page news

stories-in large part due to the background material supplied by the Gaples Institute.

Doctors want to do the very best possible for their patients. Surprisingly, however, they are not supplied the tools when it comes to nutrition.

The average medical student receives 20 hours of nutrition education in total during 4 years of medical school-much of which takes place in the first 2 years when the focus is biochemistry. It only gets worse in later training. Shockingly, nutrition education is not part of the required curriculum for doctors in training in many specialties-including cardiology!

The Gaples Institute is working to change that. We are partnering with others to develop innovative educational programs for doctors, including an experiential program where cardiologists in training first attend a nutrition presentation and then are guided by a gourmet chef in the preparation of heart healthy food (see picture from the event).

We have more work to do until our health care system embraces  a true integrative approach-emphasizing nutrition and lifestyle-combined with the best in conventional medicine. But we are making progress!

Stephen Devries, MD

Executive Director

Read excerpts from the two front page newspaper stories including the Gaples Institute:

From the Chicago Tribune:

From the Virginian Pilot:

And Mark the Date for June 13:

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