One Healthy Energy Booster

The carrot held out to encourage healthy eating is usually long term health.

But some people are more motivated by how they feel in the here and now-and the good news is that there’s plenty of carrots in that direction as well-in fact, an entire salad!

Mounting evidence supports the potency of a healthy diet to focus concentration and improve mental acuity and memory. Equally important are the findings of increased energy with relatively modest nutritional changes.

However, the most surprising finding of all….it doesn’t take long for diet to make an impact. In fact, only 10 days! A small randomized study of young women showed improved levels of energy and alertness, along with better numeric working memory after only 10 days of adopting a Mediterranean diet.

This short term data parallels findings in middle-aged individuals whose cognitive function is strongly linked to healthy diet.

The secret sauce for optimal energy and executive functioning: vegetables and fruit, whole grains, avoidance of refined carbs, more fish and less (if any) meat.

This is one potent energy booster that’s actually good for you!

Stephen Devries, MD

Executive Director, Gaples Institute for Integrative Cardiology

Reference: Alertness and Mediterranean Diet After 10 Days

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