Prescription for Nutrition Education

This was the subject of a front page Chicago Tribune article (link below this post) that included the work of the Gaples Institute in promoting the need for doctors to learn more about nutrition – and for dietary counseling to play a larger role in medical care.

Why is it so important that the prescription for nutrition be filled quickly? 

  • Dietary interventions are powerful: 72% fewer repeat heart problems in those with a history of heart disease after adopting a Mediterranean diet
  • We can’t afford not to: eliminating deaths due to heart disease is estimated to save $48 trillion dollars (US national debt is $16 trillion)
  • Simple changes make a big difference:  3 servings of strawberries or blueberries/week cuts the risk of a heart attack by 34%
  • Physician training in nutrition is very limited: fewer than 25 hours total in med school and none required in later training programs in many specialties-including cardiology
  • Doctors are also frustrated: 14% of doctors in hospital training believed they did not receive adequate training in nutrition

The Gaples Institute is helping with the solution: delivering innovative educational programs to health care professionals and the community and advocating for a greater emphasis on integrative medical care.  

Read the entire Tribune article:

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4 thoughts on “Prescription for Nutrition Education

  1. Excellent article in today’s paper on ” Heart health: Doctors have easy prescription, hard to sell”, would like more information. I’m going to try it.

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