Advocating For a Balanced Approach to Heart Health


Integrating All Modalities

You can maintain the best health possible by maximizing all of the natural strategies within your control-and adding in all of the best of conventional medicine when more intensive treatment is required.

Because the truth is that there is no single strategy, whether nutritional or medical, that is sufficient for every person in every situation. For instance, keeping your cholesterol in check with medication is not necessarily going to be enough to avoid trouble if you are eating poorly and not addressing excess stress. But, stated more proactively, you have so many opportunities to “stack the deck” in your favor.

The best way to optimize all of these important areas is to build a team of like-minded professionals: starting with a health care professional who empowers you to make the best lifestyle choices possible. Ideally, someone just as knowledgeable about nutrition and lifestyle issues as medication and procedures. Or at least one who is open minded to a larger view of health and can help to make appropriate referrals.

Similarly, I encourage patients who strongly prefer natural treatment options to also be open to the judicious use of medication and procedures when the situation is more urgent, and when less aggressive means have proven inadequate.

Here are some resources you may find useful:

  1. A listing of physicians across the country who have received formal training in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona program:
    Integrative Medicine Graduates
  2. A link to the American Heart Association public education web site:
    American Heart Association
  3. A scientific review of over the counter products conducted by a respected group of pharmacists (Natural Medicines Database)
    Natural Medicines
  4. An independent lab that analyzes the ingredients in over the counter products (ConsumerLab)
  5. The book, Integrative Cardiology, co-edited by Dr. Devries and Dr. Dalen, describing integrative approaches to heart health intended for health conscious consumers and health care professionals.
    Integrative Cardiology Book