Dietary Detente

We need to concentrate much more on the common ground between dietary “camps” than on the differences.

Many people are frustrated to hear about diet studies with contradictory results. And all the books about diet “breakthroughs”…Paleo, No Oil, No Wheat. Uggh!!

With all of the confusion, how can we expect people to make good diet choices?

Emerging through the clutter, however, are basic principles, common to all the major dietary programs, that agree we would be a lot healthier to:

  • Eat a lot more vegetables and fruit
  • Choose whole foods in place of processed items
  • Skip soda and drink more water

We’ve got to get the nutrition community to come together to stress the agreement on these pillars of healthy eating. There might not be as many books sold that way, but we’d have a lot less confusion-and a lot healthier community.

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