our inbred attraction to living things

Have you every wondered why we so much enjoy being surrounded by nature?

Close contact with nature is not only a pleasant experience, it’s good for our health!

A number of lines of evidence support the idea that close contact with nature is not only a pleasant experience, it’s actually good for our health!

  • Hospitalized patients recovering from surgery who had a view of a park required less pain medication than those with a view of a wall.
  • Performance was higher in tests of cognitive function in those who just returned from a walk in nature, compared to those who walked in an urban setting.
  • Heart rates measured in those walking a city route with a view of greenery were significantly lower (translating to less stress on the heart) than those walking on a path without trees or grass.

The arrival of spring is an opportune time to explore creative ways to bring more nature into your life. Some ideas to get extra hits of nature: take a few minute walk during lunch in a nearby park, put some plants in your work space, or even use a picture of nature as your computer screensaver.

We are naturally drawn to what strengthens our body and spirit. Follow the call of biophilia!


View through a window may influence recovery from surgery

The Cognitive Benefits of Interacting with Nature

Heart Rate and Green Spaces

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One thought on “Biophilia

  1. I love the biophilia article and am myself very sensitive to my surrounding, nature in particular.
    The background photo you have of the green trees, vines and lush green grass in a manicured path is very appealing to me.

    Thank you for helping people being better.

    Josette, WA

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