Gaples Institute Nutrition Conference Reignites the Joy of Medicine

The look of joy on their faces was irrepressible-a sight to behold. The Gaples Institute held a nutrition conference for doctors and nurses.

We delved deep into the science and reviewed the key literature. Lots of graphs and tables. But we went one step further, beyond the facts and figures and into the feelings of food. With cooking demonstrations, we explored how to make the science come alive-and how it tastes on a plate.

Then we put it all together was a hands-on experience where participants made their own lunch-using all the principles of healthy eating they had learned about. Doctors and nurses exchanged their usual white coat for one of a different style-but similar in its connection to health-a cooking apron. Then they chopped, sliced, mixed, and baked.

But something deeper was happening. In all my years in medicine, I have never seen physicians and nurses look so happy. Between the mounting paperwork, time demands, and complexity of modern medical practice, it’s sometimes easy for doctors to lose sight of why they went into medicine in the first place.

But this immersion into nutrition-complete with the feel, smell, and taste of preparing food-took them to another place. The same place I imagine they don’t visit often enough but one they likely wrote about in their application for medical school-a desire to help and connect with people on a deep level. I’d like to see it happen more often-and the Gaples Institute is working on doing just that.

Something wonderful happened during the conference. Take a look at the faces and see for yourself. It will make your heart smile.


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